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Skynest by Flos: light strips

A new lighting concept by Marcel Wanders

Skynest has the typical shape of the pendant lamp, with a central core and what at first sight recalls a lampshade. The light, however, is not emitted by a bulb or by a LED board, but by the elements that form the structure of the lampshade, LED strips covered in fabric.

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“By weaving filaments of light, this unique lamp seamlessly combines both elegance and innovation. Delicate textile tubes, integrated with LED lights, reminiscent of thread, are woven throughout the design of the lamp, creating a unique element of surprise, which challenges the bulb lighting archetype. Designed to last, Skynest poetically blends the tradition of artisanal weaving with innovative lighting techniques to create a timeless design piece.” Marcel Wanders Studio.

flos skynet 1
flos skynest 3
flos skynest 2

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