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Tutankhamun: ‘100 years of mysteries’

A major exhibition in Venice

100 years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the ‘child pharaoh’, Venice is celebrating the anniversary with a major exhibition, ‘Tutankhamun. Mysteries and Treasures’. The exhibition is also the first in the new course of the museum center at Palazzo Zaguri, the newly reopened 14th-century palace in Campo San Maurizio.

Discover the Palazzo Fortuny Museum in Venice

The thirty-six rooms devoted to the exhibition house more than 1,000 artifacts, including ornaments, accessories, burial beds and animals, for a tour illustrating the traditions of the historical period. Pharaoh’s life during the ‘river of time’ is explained through symbolic meanings. In addition, today’s technology makes it possible to view Tutankhamun’s tomb inside, with a journey into the Metaverse. (Assia Karaguiozova) All photos by Maurizio Damiano

Exhibition curated by Maurizio Damiano
Set up by Venice Exhibition
Zaguri Palace, Venice

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