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Au Départ: travel with style

Trunks and luxury bags from Paris

The origin of Au Départ is a story of departure and discovery. Founded in Paris in 1834, Au Départ is one of the oldest French malletier; its leather trunks and fine travel boxes were coveted by travelers of the French aristocracy. Born in a time of legendary travelers, great explorations and the significant development of rail transportation, the brand initially produced only suitcases, bags and travel boxes. And its first store, opened in 1947, was located just across the street from the newly opened Gare du Nord in Paris.

Discover Le Blanc, the champagne trunk

The Au Départ monogram was inspired by the floors of the ruins of Pompeii. It was the way to distinguish the malletier from all other trunk makers. Success peaked in the 1920s, when Au Départ became synonymous with style and luxury. In 1920 Au Départ created the travel suitcase with the monogram of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The monogrammed suitcase of the writer, aviation pioneer and world-renowned author of ‘The Little Prince’, became a highlight of the Au Départ archives. 

Since 2019, Au Départ has been relaunched as a brand focused on highly sought-after trunks with various functions, for stylish interior design. The Milanese brand Dimore also designed a collection of trunks for Au Départ. Alongside trunks, Au Départ features a collection of handbags and small accessories, for men and women, marked by the monogram, updated; bags and accessories stand out for their extreme attention to detail.

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