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The new Ferrari Purosangue

The first four-door Ferrari

Fresh from its launch, the Ferrari Purosangue is Maranello’s first four-door, four-seater car. With this new car, Ferrari creates a new segment, opening up unprecedented scenarios. The vehicle features an athletic, streamlined exterior with a luxurious interior for maximum comfort. The new chassis with a carbon fiber roof features upwind rear doors opening; this opening makes it easy to enter the car and keeps the car’s line compact. Inside, there are four large heated seats, and the driving position is higher than other Ferraris. The Ferrari Purosangue also houses a roomy trunk, which becomes even roomier, thanks to reclining rear seats. 

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The layout and proportions of the Ferrari Purosangue are different, compared to crossovers and SUVs. In fact, the car features a transaxle architecture, typical of sports cars, with the engine in the center-front position and the gearbox in the rear, which allows for optimal weight distribution. Ferrari equipped the Ferrari Purosangue with the latest version of the vehicle dynamics systems recently introduced in its super sports cars, such as the independent four-wheel steering system in the 812 Competizione or the ‘evo’ ABS with 6-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS) in the 296 GTB. However, here makes its debut the Ferrari’s active suspension system; it is capable of regulating load transfers and roll when cornering, as well as wheel-to-ground contact even at high frequencies. Finally, this is the only car with similar proportions to adopt a mid-front, mid-mounted naturally aspirated V12. The Maranello company’s most iconic power unit debuts in an unprecedented configuration that allows the car to deliver the highest power output in the segment (725 hp), as well as the unmistakable and addictive musical engine noise.

ferrari purosangue portiere aperto
The rear doors open upwind
ferrari purosangue dynamics focus sospensioni
Ferrari Purosangue dynamic focus suspension
ferrari purosangue interior focus 3 new
The cockpit
ferrari purosangue retro
ferrari purosangue dynamics focus 2 ruote
The ABS EVO controller 2.0

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