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The new Porsche 928

A jewel among grand tourers conceived 45 years ago and still in the hearts of connoisseurs and Porsche 928 lovers. Produced by the German company from 1977 to 1995, this transaxle GT car (front engine, rear-wheel drive, and rear-mounted gearbox) was conceived in a unique, inimitable style. Today, French startup Nardone Automotive offers a series of changes to the Porsche 928 turning it into a special and tailor-made GT. The bodywork, with muscular fenders, is made almost entirely of composite materials; the front and rear lights have been specifically designed and built; the 18-inch wheels equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires are a modern interpretation of the old 16-inch manhole wheel. The interior has been completely revised and welcomes Foglizzo leather and Alcantara. The infotainment system now incorporates the Porsche Classic Management system (PCCM) combined with a luxury Hi-Fi system and Apple CarPlay. From a technical point of view, Nardone Automotive’s 928 relies on the classic eight-cylinder V-aspirated engine targeted to output 400bhp, managed by a modern engine control unit and coupled to the original 5-speed manual gearbox, now modified to a 6-speed manual with a limited-slip differential. Finally, the chassis setup relies on redesigned front and rear axles and spindles, electronically controlled active suspension, increased brakes and adaptive electric power steering.

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