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Water Illusion, by Poltrona Frau

A collection of vases and bowls

From Poltrona Frau, the new Water Illusions glass collection, designed by Assia Karaguiozova, depicts the movement of a wave breaking on the shoreline, crystallizing the sinuous curves of the elements. The series is entirely handcrafted and 100% made in Italy, and includes two vases and two bowls in 100% recycled glass, using the ‘cast glass’ technique. 

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With this technique, crystal and ‘cotisso’, a recycled glass, are melted in crucibles at temperatures that reach 1500 C˚. The result is a thick, transparent glass; the surface is smooth but with internal ripples, giving it a ‘wavy’ texture, like water. Bowls and vases come in two sizes and two paste colors, for iridescent and poetic nuances.

vasi assia poltrona frau 1
vasi assia poltrona frau 2
vasi assia poltrona frau 3
vasi assia poltrona frau 4
vasi assia poltrona frau 5
vasi assia poltrona frau 6

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