Aurel & Draga: Per Speculum in Aenigmate

On Friday, February 25, in Rome, Contemporary Cluster will open Per Speculum in Aenigmate. The special project is dedicated to a dialogue between the paintings of Aurel K. Basedow and some design pieces by Draga & Aurel, the design studio he founded together with Draga Obradovic. The exhibition’s title refers to a passage from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. The elements of mirror and enigma are the works of Draga & Aurel, which live in a perpetual doubling, a double side in which they reveal the simultaneous nature of furniture objects and artwork. 

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01 Draga Aurel Fabrizio Cicconi
Aurel K. Basedow e Draga Obradovic, Draga & Aurel. Photo Fabrizio Cicconi

Draga & Aurel for Contemporary Cluster

For the Contemporary Cluster exhibition, Draga & Aurel thought of a hybrid path that shows the results of their artistic production. With the same rhythm of a musical score – made of notes and slurs, accents and pauses – the designers modulate environments marked by the cadenced alternation of different elements. Tubular lights, monochrome blades, or seats are placed to highlight spatial symmetries. And to reveal eclectic polychrome agglomerates, in which the large “canvases” are contrasted with a series of dotted tables. 

The last room houses Aurel’s only artistic work. An intimate moment, a “pause” where the artist concentrates on some inner themes, closely related to the current pandemic status. The concepts of fear or constraint are transferred and impressed in a series of papers where the brushstrokes camouflage the peculiar aspects of photographic images, selected from the artist’s personal archive. Draga&

Per Speculum in Aenigmate
Aurel K. Basedow and Draga Obradovic
Vernissage February 25th, 2022, from 6PM
On show February 26th-March 13th, 2022
Palazzo Brancaccio, via Merulana 248, Rome


09 DA Jade Riccardo Gasperoni
Jade coffee table, Transparency Matters, collection by Draga & Aurel. Photo Riccardo Gasperoni
11 DA Joy
Joy lamps, Transparency Matters, collection by Draga & Aurel
Aurel K. Basedow, Untitled, 2021

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