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Bisanto collection, Antonio Aricò x Moooi

“We all have our inner child who makes our stories and dreams come true. The Bisanto collection is the free voice of my child and plays with the Italian tradition, drawing new imagery full of joy.” This is what Antonio Aricò, a designer from Calabria who makes Mediterranean culture his stylistic signature, says.

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bisanto moooi 1 1

The Dutch brand Moooi and Antonio Aricò created a collection of carpets and cushions, which speaks of Italy and its tradition, with the evocative name Bisanto. Rugs and cushions, in fact, are inspired by Byzantine mosaics, which Aricò mixes with childhood memories. Colors and patterns of the Bisanto collection combine two-dimensional signs with 3D elements, blending the softness of velvet with precious jewels, which become as light as fabric when printed. AntonioAricò.com

bisanto moooi 4
The Arcadio rug
bisanto moooi 5
Antonio Aricò in Sicily
bisanto moooi 9
Narcissus the peacock and Kaulonio the dragon
bisanto moooi 3
Detail of a rug. All pictures by Alfredo Muscatello

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