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Ferrari SP48 One-Off

A One-Off Ferrari, even more exclusive

Ferrari unveiled the new Ferrari SP48 Unica, a one-off piece made exclusively for one customer. The cars of the one-off series are the most exclusive of the House of Maranello, as they are designed and built from the specific requests of a customer. The Ferrari SP48 One-Off, designed by Centro Stile Ferrari directed by Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni, is a two-seater sports car, featuring an aggressive line with a sharp front end. 

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On the aerodynamic side, the most evident novelties of the Ferrari SP48 Unica are the inlets for the engine cooling flows on the front bumper and under the rear spoiler. The car’s layout made it possible to reduce the size of the inlets on the sides, thanks to the positioning of an air intake dedicated to cooling the intercoolers, just behind the side windows. The increased rear overhang reduces the exhaust from the roof area, to the advantage of the rear load.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica’s interior is custom-designed, as is the entire car. Laser-perforated black Alcantara covers most of the seats and cabin, along with iridescent fabric in the same color as the bodywork, a combination of red and orange. Matte carbon fiber embellishing the interior gives a technical feel to the cabin, complemented by Gunmetal Grey trim, also an exceptional standard. The Special Projects program is the program for creating One-Off cars, unique cars featuring an exclusive design explicitly conceived for one customer. In this way, the customer owns an even more excellent Ferrari, i.e. a one-off.

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