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The Harry’s Piccolo in Trieste

A Michelin star

Harry’s Piccolo is the restaurant that gave Trieste a Michelin star. Housed on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, in an enchanting setting, it is located in one of the city’s most elegant and charming historic buildings. Harry’s Piccolo and Harry’s Bar are the subject of a recent renovation by the firm of architect Egidio Panzera. The new design preserved intact the counter and back counter of Harry’s Bar, which are the originals from Cipriani’s time, as well as the mirrored ceilings and chandeliers; identity elements of the space that the regular customer had to find again. The new design respected the elegance required by the context, with contemporary design accents.

Discover the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta in Trieste

Young, competent, and enthusiastic Chefs Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra offer dishes that reinterpret local raw materials, with the garden in season, enriched by flavors from the east, as is customary in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, a borderland. However, the search for quality in food does not stop at geographic boundaries. In the winter months, the restaurant offers a menu for those who love venison, although, in a seaside city like Trieste, there is certainly no shortage of fish lovers. Harry’s Bar also prepares the hotel’s breakfasts, so the chefs also take care of the pastries, which are much loved by the people of Trieste for Sunday lunches. Among the already popular desserts is the Barcolana cake. It is a dessert dedicated to the largest regatta in the Mediterranean, held in the Gulf of Trieste for half a century on the second Sunday in October.

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