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Textiles by Peter Marino for Rubelli

Second Firing: a sustainable and colorful capsule collection

The Second Firing textiles collection, by Peter Marino for Rubelli, is inspired by the making of ceramics. Second Firing, in fact, refers to the firing of ceramics. For the colors and patterns, Peter Marino was inspired by the ceramic collection of Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, a French artist/ceramist of the late 19th century. Dalpayrat was known for his innovative glazes and specifically for inventing an oxblood red glaze named after him, the ‘rouge Dalpayrat’.

Discover the new Dedar textiles

The ten fabrics in Peter Marino’s new capsule collection for Rubelli are one of a kind. Suitable for decoration and upholstering sofas, armchairs, or chairs, they are made from eco-nylon in warp and cotton in the weft. In some variants, some metallic wefts have also been included to highlight the shiny effect of ceramic glazes. The new fabrics convey strong feelings and great energy, with great visual impact. In addition to Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, the collection refers to the colors in the paintings of Paolo Veronese, a Venetian painter. The ultimate result is fabrics carrying great energy, with ‘flamboyant’ patterns and colors ranging from the blues to the greens of the lagoon water, to the reds and yellows of the surrounding vegetation.

Second Firing by Peter Marino 1
Second Firing by Peter Marino 2
30529 10 Second Firing 10 Dalpayrat Blue
30528 09 Second Firing 9 Dalpayrat Green
30520 01 Second Firing 1 Dalpayrat Glaze

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