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A new restaurant address in Milan:
Dry Aged

Dry Aged is the new project of two young chefs and maitres, Matteo Ferrario and Stefano Carenzi. In all its variations, the passion for meat is apparent from the name. Dry Aged, in fact, is the name of an ancient maturing technique, which was recently revived. This is a dry aging method that does not involve vacuum bags, but rather a period of refrigeration with controlled humidity. At the end of this period of about 5 to 8 weeks, the meat becomes tender, marbled to perfection, and is becoming very popular. The chef selects all raw materials for the maturations from small, 0 km producers. 

Discover Mammarà, the new bistro in Milan

A neon sign, “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL,” welcomes guests at the entrance; the new destination is in the heart of Milan, between Sant’Ambrogio and Corso Genova. The ambiance, divided into three rooms, features an informal elegance. The New York bar sports a large social table, while one of the lounges offers a panoramic view of the winery, and can also be booked for private events, up to 14 people. Finally, the room at the entrance shows a view of the kitchen through a porthole; almost a magic eye to spy on the chef at work. 

Dry Aged, Art and Design

Art and design are two of the key components that define the DNA of Dry Aged, beyond food. The floor of the main rooms is original from the 1920s, and stands in contrast to the bright red neon lights, for a punk-rock atmosphere. The contemporary artwork, photographs, and street art complete the pleasantly sophisticated atmosphere.

The kitchen and the cellar

Dry Aged’s signature dishes include beef tartare, which varies depending on the season, au naturel, marinated or smoked. The ribs are the flagship of the research in the maturation: from the Fassona selection “La Granda” to the Rubia Gallega rib, from the Pezzata Rossa rib to the great Dry Aged selection. For the cellar, maitre and sommelier Stefano Carenzi selected different small wineries, both foreign and Italian. Great attention is also dedicated to many Triple A labels and the Abere selection, with natural and biodynamic wines.

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